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Atul Flat Nozzles ensure uniform, parabolic distribution of liquid. This flow geometry of nozzle produces compact and accurate jets with stable spray angle. These nozzles are suited for all universal application. These nozzles are not prone to clogging.

Atul Flat jet Nozzles has simple and cost saving fixing attachments such as Easy Dovetail Guides.

Atul Flat jet Nozzles Are Available with many flow rate sizes, flat various applications.
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We are pleased to present you,complete range of high performance spray nozzles and systems, that deploy state of art technology, assuring consistent and trouble free performance


  • Surface treatment.
  • Roll cooling.
  • High impact washing.
  • Degreasing & rinsing.
  • Spray coating.
  • Lubricating.
  • Cooling of rolled stock.
  • Washing & phosphating process.

Techical Specification And Details

Spray Angle Flow Rate Connection Materials
30º to 120º Up to 200 LPM threaded / Dovetail
As per customers Requirement
SS - 316 & SS - 304
Brass PTFE
As per customers Requirement