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Published On:2014-12-31

Posted By:Atul Niwale

SINGLE WELD NOZZLE SPINNING METHOD Damen Marine Components has pioneered with a new nozzle production method. Itís based on a single weld seam on the inner side of the nozzle. This makes the nozzle production much more efficient and environmentally friendly. The new Nozzle Spinning Machine can deliver nozzles up to 5.3 m at short notice. New method results in improved nozzles The new spinning machinery is developed to make the production of the nozzles as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Furthermore, it improves the end product because of the single weld weld seam on the inner side of the nozzle. The manufacturing process of the complete inside of the nozzle in one go is an innovation on its own. Under the traditional construction method, the inner side is constructed from several small welded parts. This is now history and the new method results in a much smoother surface. The new machine is already proving very successful with both existing and new customers. Ideal innovation in present market We notice that in the present market there is order equipment at the very last minute due to the uncertainty. The new machine is also able to handle the demand for shorter delivery times. With this machine we adapt to that process. Capacity of the spinning machine The spinning machine can produce nozzles with an inside diameter ranging from 1,000 mm to 5.3 m outside. Using a completely automated system the machine can handle stainless steel, duplex, steel and special steel materials. Emission reduction Propeller nozzles are a sustainable product by definition, because they significantly reduce fuel consumption and thus cut down on CO≤ emissions. However, the new production method is even more environmentally friendly. Because there is less welding and grinding this method saves energy and emissions. The new machinery also saves production time and enhances our stable price-quality ratio.